Tours to Ergaki nature park


About Ergaki

Ergaki National Park is located in West Sayan mountains, in the middle between Khakassia and Tuva. It is part of Krasnoyarsk krai. Relief is alpine, with sheer steeps and sharp edges.

Highway M54 Abakan-Kyzyl goes through Ergaki nature park. Distance from Abakan is 220km, from Krasnoyarsk 600km. Nearest villages are Tanzibey (50km to the North) and Aradan (30km to the South).

Highest peak of Ergaki is Zvezdniy. This summit is accessible only for experienced climbers.

There are plenty lakes in Ergaki. Most known are Buibinske, Svetloe, Mramornoe, Zoltarnoe, Hudozhnikov. There are several waterfalls as well. Highest waterfalls (Gracia and Bogatyr) are situated in northern part of Ergaki ridge.

The popularity of Ergaki has increased since the 1990s. Now it's world known destination with visitors from Russia, Europe and America. Lodges are constructing and roads are getting better. World competition of mountainereeng took place in 2009.
There are two points where people start to go into Ergaki. First is Tormozakovsky bridge, second is Tushkanchik brooklet.

usual weather in Ergaki

Weather is unpredictable in Ergaki mountains, and snow can be seen in summer period. Rains are oftern, so be prepare before visiting. Hiking season is short, last from middle of June to late August.

June and July is time of flowers. Slopes are dotted with orange lights of globeflowers. Then they will be replaced by blue columbines. Billberries are available for eating in August. Bears are looking for berries as well

Winter season is for ski and snowboards

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