Tours to Ergaki nature park


Tour to Ergaki, West Sayan mountains

Tour to Ergaki
Dates: 21 - 28 June 2016
(per person)
Includes:renting personal equipment (backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping mat)
meals on route
2 nights at hotel in Abakan (double)
transfer from Abakan to West Sayan
tents, cans
picking up at airport
Excludes:international flights
visa fees
meals in Abakan
Length: 500km by car, 120km on foot
Start from Abakan
level: easy (no special training needed)
Conditions Accommodation during the tour in tents.
Cooking on fire. Weather is changeable.

West Sayan is scenic spot of Russia with alpine forms of mountains. Deep valleys divide ridges. Lakes reflect sky like a mirror. Waterfalls make a noise into crevices.

We will meet in Abakan, small and cosy town, capital of Khakassia. Then we will go by car towards Tuva (about 4 hours). Roughly in the middle we will cross majestic Sayan mountains.
We will pass by steep trails with exciting views.

How to go to Abakan
- flight Moscow-Abakan. There are two airlines: Vladivostokavia and S7.
- flight Moscow-Krasnoyarsk (check airlines on
Bus Krasnoyarsk-Abakan (depart every hour from bus station). (takes 7 hours).
If you want to go with comfort you can buy train ticket - platzkart (takes 9 hours).

List of equipment

- trekking shoes, light shoes for day's rest

day description km
1 Transfer from Abakan to Ergaki nature park. Start of trekking. Overnight at Svetloe lake. 8
2 Hike to Ptica pass and Marble waterfall 10
3 Hike to Tushkanchik mountain 12
4 Hike to Zolotarnoe lake and Vidovka mountain 9
5 Move to Khudozhnikov lake 14
6 Ascent to Zub Dracona mountain 21
7 Ascent to Parabola mountain 6
8 Rest day 12
9 Cross Khudozhnikov pass to Karovoe lake 17
10 Descent down to road, transfer to Abakan 9

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